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Originally Posted by vaniaspeedy View Post
I'm glad you like it, I'm sure we'll figure it out. It seems that you've done everything correctly, so I can't judge what seems to be the issue right off the bat. Go to post 11 -
Make a backup of the current script, and paste in the alternate code (it's just added verbosity) into the file. Run that a few times on the kindle, and then post or pm the output here. I'll try to figure out what the issue is as best I can.

Also, what version OS are you using? Is it a KT with SO or ad-free?
Iīll give you the information this evening or tomorrow, because Iīve forgotten my Kindle.

Iīm using the version 5.1.0.
What do you mean with SO? I donīt know the shortcut. Is there a FAQ for these things?
Till now I only installed the jailbreak and GUI Lauchner from the wiki before installing your FolderToggle.
I hope this answers your question.

While trying to use the FolderToggle hack, I thought about an additional feature for the FolderToggle.
Any other person who use my kindle and knows about the GUI Launcher or just plays around with the menu, will find the "Hide/Show" menu, I think. And with one click the user see my hidden documents.
My idea: Is it possible to create a Search Bar Shortcut to hide/show a profile? Perhaps it could be composed by a fixed part for identifying the folder hack ";ft" and a free to choose password with a fixed lenght "987" followed by the number of the profile "2". Result: ";ft9872".

What do you think about this? I think in terms of "What you donīt see, you wonīt search for." it would be a nice improvement.

Kind regards
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