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Thumbs up Folder Toggle Vs. Password Protecting

Originally Posted by vaniaspeedy View Post
I decided to have them moved out beyond the scope of the documents folder because it seemed like the simplest way to do it. This way, if something goes wrong you can always move them back manually, or at least you have access to the books through USB.

If someone has access to the USB partition on your kindle, no matter how you hide the books they will still be accessible. I aimed this script at "in-the-field" deployment, for switching profiles on the go.

I'm open to suggestions for doing this more efficiently, as this process does take about a minute each time.
What about instead of "moving" the files from one folder to another "in-the-field" explore the possibility of having password protection for Collections, or for selected book?

I use it and my friends would like to borrow it to read specific books, lets say I open the book for them, so they would have to go back to Menu and browse for other Collections or Books, and if they want to open them, VOILA! password protection.

There are many reasons to implement a system of password protecting some books or documents, no need to use encryption for the file, just protect it from access on-the-go.

Let me know how possible is this. I am learning Linux, but I am far away to being able to write such application by myself. Still if there is anything that I can contribute, I am more than happy to do so.

Thanks for the app, I am using it, still haven't figure it out if it has to do with Registering the Kindle first, because despite me hiding the Documents, still they display, or maybe is because of Calibre creating a Metafile of the library????

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