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Originally Posted by HawkJacq View Post
Sorry not being able to help with your problem. By the way is there any noticeable difference between KFX and AZW3 Formats aside de fact that KFX is newer?
Originally Posted by j.p.s View Post
The FONT_RAMP hack does not work with KFX and it is not currently possible to extract highlighted text from KFX.
While the FONT_RAMP settings will be ignored for KFX files - which means you cannot fiddle with font sizes - the advanced typesetting features will be available when using KFX.

The main advantage I see is page flip (preview of surrounding pages without losing the reading position), plus intelligent font-size improvements and enhanced text-align features. Which pretty much makes the FONT_RAMP adjustment obsolete unless you prefer really tiny or extraordinarily huge font sizes.

The downside is that x-ray is - for now - unusable. Even if you manage to pull a working x-ray file, the positioning is off and the highlighted aliases are not in sync with the acutal text. While still being correct in general, x-ray simply points to the wrong position. But since goodreads is the only decent source right now, x-rays nowadays do not contain so much useful information anyway although it's still nice to have.
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