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Originally Posted by NoSmint View Post
I can help you out there. I had the same issues. The Kindle seems to fetch newer information directly off the amazon servers as long as it regards your local copies obsolete. I found that behaviour quite useful when it comes to Author Profiles or Start/End-Actions since it's filled with the most recent informaton. But the x-rays are rendered pretty much useless - although for now they are useless to me all the same, see my post above.

For me it helped to plug the Kindle into the USB Port of your PC and manually navigate to the correcponding sidecar folder "bookname.sdr" and make the x-ray file readonly (right click -> properties -> read only). As for now the Kindle respects the file attribute and doesn't overwrite existing files anymore. But of course that might change anytime.
Good Day,

Wow!! Of course you are right...Why didnt I thought about a solution like this. Thanks you very much... I will test it when come home.

Sorry not being able to help with your problem. By the way is there any noticeable difference between KFX and AZW3 Formats aside de fact that KFX is newer?

Thanks again...

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