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Any tips on hacking Kobo formatting????


I have a Kobo wireless and a linux box. I just find it so totally absurd the way the Kobo formats anything with such ridiculous margins that I am willing to hack the code in my Kobo ereader. I have an image of the firmware off my kobo burned onto another 2 gig micro sd and it loads up in Ubuntu. Anyone know where the actual Kobo epub formatting files are on the different partitions? I really hate to have to resort to this but the Kobo developer folks are totally brain dead. They have sold us devices with a screen size of 3.58" by 5" yet no matter how I reformat an epub in Calibre it will only fill 4 inches of the 5 inch vertical screen. That's a 20% loss of real estate! I have an HTC Advantage 7510 smartphone with a 5" screen and more lines in an epub will show on my PHONE than my Kobo!

1.9 firmware does nothing to address this. Anyway, pointers to a file I can hack, anyone???
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