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Originally Posted by polli View Post

Thank you for the reply. Seems normal then for it to be slow lol
As I say fine when reading Just browsing so slow.

Have you found now its updated itself that when you click the bottom button to go back to the Homepage it auto opens the 1st book now?

Very very annoying
I didnt update I downgraded to the previous firmware following a link provided in this forum and after reading that people seemed to find the older firmware better.
It had the newsest update on it when I got it and as I said almost unusable with a lot of books stored on it, slow library with the issue of it double clicking and opening the first book in the list when I didnt want it to.

Whilst I may not need to have a lot of book stored on the device at any one time, if it has the memory capacity and is advertised to store up to 1000 books shouldnt we be able to do so if we wish without it making the Kobo Touch unusable?
They need to fix this and improve the software.
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