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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
So don't expect too much there and please don't call them Onyx! The guys aren't really working for Onyx - just selling Onyx products - so Onyx actually can't be made responsible for insufficient support of some stores, where the products of Onyx are in program.

Can you tell me what exactly the problem with your WLAN connection is?
My apologies, indeed I was not aware of that, and thanks for pointing it out. I guess I was misled because the onyx-international-website is somewhat out of date!

Btw, stirred today (perhaps they are reading this forum). Maybe the issue can still be settled. I will keep you informed.

My WLAN trouble is that it won't connect. I am a computer professional (not a network expert, though) and should be able to set up a wlan connection. I fact I did on several other clients, but not on this one. Meanwhile I found out that the access points refuse the connection because of an ostensible authorization failure, or a 4-way handshake fail. The onyx ebookreader then enters an infinite loop trying to connect all over again, and I have to turn it of to interrupt the infinite loop. Now I am pretty sure that I entered the correct key, and entered the correct MAC address at the access point as well.
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