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Calibre Database READ ONLY?

I have a library of about 10,000 documents used by people in different locations. I've tested "sharing" by using SSHFS to copy the LIBRARIES to the different users but I DO NOT want anyone to add, remove or modify entries. I DO want them to be able to use all the search facilities of the program. New documents (common) or removal of old documents (extremely rare) would be emailed to me where I update the master LIBRARY and update all the remote libraries.

I tried the CALIBRE-SERVER but it is far too slow and clumbsy.

Seems to me that everything would be fine if I could set the files to be READ ONLY. I tried it and couldn't even start up, getting an error about not being able to write a text file to test case sensitivity.

Is there some other way to do this or should I report it as an ENHANCEMENT REQUEST?

OTOH, would it just be too much trouble?

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