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9.7" Astak Mentor Electra vs PocketBook 901

Hello ALL. From E-Book Reader Matrix I've learned that readers with 9.7": Astak Mentor Electra and PocketBook 901 will be manufactured by the same company Netronics. For me PocketBook 901 is much better than Mentor Electra: 350g vs 535g, no touchscreen. But PocketBook 901 will be sold in Ukraine and Russia. Will be good if Astak can be reseller for PocketBook 901. I came to USA from Ukraine, but I am too busy to fly there just to get a good reader. Let us ask Astak together to give us availability to buy PocketBook 901 in US. PocketBook 901 will also have very good dictionaries inside, developed by ABBYY. For me this will be a great benefit because English is not my "second language", it is my Fifth language.
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