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tompe: thanks for making your MobiPerl collection - the perl code runs very smoothly - it was also very easy to find the necessary lines to change because your code is easily read (but maybe we could have a little switch to change the size from the default ) - Mac OS X comes with perl already installed (v5.8.6 under /usr/bin) - I don't know if you need v5.8.8 installed for your scripts to work because I already had v5.8.8 installed.

If someone needs to install perl 5.8.8 on their machine for it to work the following would need to be done:
  1. Install macports
  2. Use macports to obtain perl in
    $ sudo port -v autoupdate
    $ sudo port -v install perl5.8
  3. This should have placed perl in /opt/local/bin (and I believe changed the paths properly to find it) you can test by:
    $ which perl        # tells you what directory it is in
    $ perl -version     # tells you what version is active
  4. Now download the latest tarball from the mobiperl website (currently 0.0.27), decompress it, and move the libraries into the distribution (on my machine using macports - /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/)
    # there maybe a friendlier way to do this but this works
    # do this in the directory where you downloaded the mobiperl tar
    $ tar xv mobiperl-0.0.27.tar
    $ cd mobiperl-0.0.27
    $ sudo cp Palm MobiPerl /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8
  5. (optional) put the mobi2mobi, etc. in good places
    $ sudo cp lit2mobi mobi2mobi html2mobi mobi2html opf2mobi /usr/bin

I typed this up pretty quick and wasn't actually doing the install at that moment - so everyone doing this should read it for themselves and make sure it looks good (esp the sudo commands)

Thanks again tompe!
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