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New EZReader...

Howdy y'all...
Currently I own a PRS-505, but my wife has hijacked it.
So, I just purchased (yesterday) a new EZReader from Fry's, and I have a couple of observations/questions...

Loving the multiple formats, the available space, and the ability to install OI (these are my main reasons for purchasing the V3 instead of another 505).

Noticed a couple things in comparison:

1. Right out of the box, many PDB's were installed that are classics from Fictionwise, which is nice. But the formatting on the smallest font is weird. There is a huge margin around the right and bottom of the screen, which disappears if you zoom in one step. Is this a function of the PDB? I installed an HTML file, and it didn't do that.

2. The screen is just as nice as the 505, which is a relief.

3. Transferring files to the main memory is relatively quick (200KB/sec-ish), but going to the SD card is abysmally slow (25-50KB/sec). I don't have a card reader for my main PC (which is to be resolved shortly!), so this is a bit painful. Is that speed normal? I can't even imagine trying to install 2-300 MB's worth of books to the card w/o a card reader at this point.

4. The website is... down? It redirects to, but there is (are?) no info/support/downloads on that site. How do I get the latest Astak FW, in case I don't like OI for some reason? I understand that the various FW's for all the V3's are interchangeable, but...

Meh... I think that'll cover it for right now... Now off to install OI
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