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Thanks for the info. I've used your excellent KFX Output plugin for Calibre (thanks for that!) to convert several DRM-free epubs for use on a new PW3. I decided to use the KFX format because I really like the enhanced typesetting features. Using your plugin allowed me to modify titles when needed.

I haven't bothered with the collections feature because I incorporate series information into my title naming scheme. This makes it easy to group series in an alphabetical list.

I also haven't tested syncing the reading position because I only use one device. I don't read on phones, tablets or computers because I have vision problems that are mitigated with an e-ink screen. Therefore, my Kindle will be my sole e-reader.

I've also discovered that playing an audiobook through my Amazon Echo at the same time as reading on my Kindle really helps my comprehension when my eye problems make it difficult to see certain portions of the screen. As such, I now buy all of my books from Amazon so that I can purchase the Audible companion as well.

I was just hoping for an easy way to modify the metadata when necessary while still using the KFX format. I'll just have to get over my OCD and use the search function to find titles instead of a nicely organized alphabetical list.

Thanks again for your help.
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