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Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
FWIW, I've always used ant and an Oracle JDK. Take a look at KUAL's ant config, it's slightly less insane than JBPatch's or Collections Manager, IIRC.

Double-check that you're not using a Java 9 JDK, because I remember them (Oracle's, at least) having dropped support for building code targeting the crappy & old Java profile we need.
As someone who's never used Ant before, that looks terrifying
I'll try it if the Oracle JDK doesn't work, I'm installing that right now. I'm currently running java-8-openjdk.

I just realized that I'm not specifying the old Java version anywhere as far as I know; I'll look into how to do that. Maybe that will tell jarsigner to use a different algorithm or something...


Edit: Changed my to the following per
rm Test.jar
rm app.azw2
javac -target 1.4 -bootclasspath jdk1.4.2/lib/ -extdirs "" kindlet/*.java
jar cvmf test.manifest Test.jar kindlet
jarsigner -keystore developer.keystore -storepass password Test.jar dktest
jarsigner -keystore developer.keystore -storepass password Test.jar ditest
jarsigner -keystore developer.keystore -storepass password Test.jar dntest

mv Test.jar app.azw2

Still doesn't work, unfortunately

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