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Either I'm communicating poorly, or what I'm suffering from is loss of a feature absolutely nobody ever used, or else my version is uniquely broken and it's working for everyone else.

I get that "search" exists as a function. My problem is how it works now, or rather how it doesn't.

Example: If I have "Jurassic Park" in my library, currently I could search for "Jurassic" and it would come up, but not if I searched for, say, "Velociraptor", which was a species of dinosaur referenced numerous times in the book, nor would it come up if I searched for "Cray XM/P", an obscure technical term referenced a handful of times in the book. Because these terms are not in the file name or the book summary, which is all the current search tool seems to search for me. In the (I'm guessing much?) older version that I was using on my fire, it searched the entire text of every book in my library, and thus it would.

I guess I'm just going to have to try to find another reader program that does what I need.
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