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Moon+, version jump, missing search feature? Or am I the problem?

Long story short, my old Fire tablet running... I honestly don't know the version number, but a significantly older version of Moon+ reader died. Replaced the tablet with a shiny new Nexus 7. First purchase on day one was Moon+, because I loved the old version on my Fire.

The new version... Well. I'm one of those old grognards who hates most modern UI design, but whatever, I can live with that. The problem is that a feature I used to rely on is apparently MIA.

The feature in question is the ability to search my entire library for text strings. Like most dedicated hardware e-readers can do. So, if I remember reading something about... whatever, pigeons, or something. I could search for "pigeon nesting" and I get a list of all files that have that phrase in them.

But the new search feature just seems to search the titles/file names. Not the contents of the files. To do that, I have to go into the file itself. Which is unusable when we're talking about searching through hundreds of files.

Am I missing something? Was this feature removed for some reason? Or am I just doing something wrong?
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