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Sync furthest read between iOS Kindle v2.9 & Kindle Keyboard v3.3

I have tried this a bunch of different ways and I am not having any joy.

This is what I have done.
  1. Taken a non DRM ePub file and added it to Calibre.
  2. I downloaded the metadata and cover to the epub file before converting to MOBI
  3. I changed the Personal Doc Tag to EBOK from PDOC and then converted my epub to MOBI format.
  4. Used iexplorer to load it to my iPhone then in the iOS kindle app it does show up and it shows under the books tab. The sync button is enabled and does not error out.
  5. From Calibre I also loaded the book to my Kindle by choosing send to main memory, this puts it on my Kindle fine and I can open and jump forward a few pages, close the book, reopen and try sync to furthest read.
  6. This comes back and says already at the furthest read. (which at this point i suppose it is) Open the same book on my iphone and sync, and it also comes back and says it is at the furthest read (but doesn't go beyond whatever page it is currently on). And if I jump it past the point of the Kindle and come back and sync they don't seem to be talking.

Any thing stand out as to what I might be doing wrong? Or can someone post a simple step by step instruction on what they are doing that works for them. I have found lots of bits and pieces in this forum and other places on the net but there isn't a 1. do this 2. do this 3. remember to do this process that I have been able to find.

Thanks in advance for any help / suggestions.
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