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I've got a question: if it costs 400 EUR, why should I buy it? On eBay I can get a Stylistic 3400 by Fujitsu Siemens Computers for 370 EUR. It's only got a 10.4'' touch-screen TFT with 800x600 resolution but that makes 96 DPI just like my PC screen and I find that good enough for reading eBooks. I even find that 10.4''(600x800) is better than 8.1''(1024x768) becuase on the second I can only get more text if I make the font really tiny and eye-straining. The Stylistic's got WLAN too and Windows NT(!) and I can use it for more purposes than just for reading and MP3. (Besides, I've already got an mp3 player). Maybe I'm just a newbee who overlooks something really important so I'd ask you to post the reasons why this reader is better than a tablet at the same (or lower) price.
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