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Kindle formatting is messed up

I`m having trouble with getting formatting right for Kindle ebook. I used LibreOffice with standard page size (width: 21cm; height: 29.7cm) for formatting ebook from where I exported ePub 3 file with reflowable layout method and with page break split method. Then I used Sigil for adding table of contents and for doing some minor formatting corrections. Still I`m having trouble with getting formatting right concerning presentable sizes of images and size of text in Kindle ebook. Due to this is picture-heavy book it is essential to get it right. For most images I`m using resolution 1100x846 with image width 12cm in the LibreOffice document. I have used Calibri font with text size 12pt and in some cases 14pt, headlines are 16pt. All looks good in LibreOffice document and in Sigil, but once the ePub file has been turned into Kindle ebook it is not properly adjustable for reading - images are presented too large and text is too small - the relation of sizes of images and texts are not correct and can not be turned correct while using page size and text size adjustment in Kindle. Issue exists on different devices with various screen sizes and resolutions. I have tried to change sizes of images and texts but so far with no satisfying outcome.

Also there is an issue with determining presentable size of author`s photo in the Kindle ebook which image resolution is 503(width)x635(height) pixels. It`s been determined to be 7 cm wide in LibreOffice document, however it shows up a full page image in Kindle no matter if I try to change resolution of
the image or measurements in LibreOffice document or in Sigil ePub file.

Also there is a question about Kindle software concerning adjustment of ebook presentation.

I have faced 2 different ebook adjustment options by Kindle which has been set in force after updating ebook (that can not be changed). Why is that?

1. Page width leverer determines the page width but also determines the size of images in the ebook while font size leverer determines only the size of the text.

2. Page width leverer determines the page width but does not determine the size of images (size of images remain the same) while font size leverer determines the size of the text and size of the images - when text is getting bigger images are becoming smaller and opposite.

I`ve been having trouble finding solutions by my own, any help would be highly appreciated!

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