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I found a solution for Ubuntu 13.04.
  1. Open /usr/bin/xdg-open as root
  2. go to the sub routine open_lxde()
  3. After the line
    local file="$(echo "$1" | sed 's%^file://%%')"
    add the following two lines:
    local printf=/usr/bin/printf
    file="$($printf "$(echo "$file" | sed -e 's@%\([a-f0-9A-F]\{2\}\)@\\x\1@g')")"

The problem is, that the lxde_open() is quite of buggy. This sub tries to convert an URI that starts with "file://" to an absolute path, but I fails to deal with special chars like %20. So
This is not a valid file name. So the known "file or directory not found"-window appears.

I c&p the above two lines from the "open_generic" subroutine where this is done right.

Thanks to Kovod for the hint with xdg-open.

"Guten Rutsch" from Germany and a happy new year!

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