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CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.CRussel ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.
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Goal: 120 books / 10 book club books

The goal this year is similar to last year's, 120 books read (or abandoned), with a stretch goal of 160 books. This includes audio books. Individual short stories will be recorded, but not counted towards that goal until I've got several I can combine. Longer "short" works (~100 pages or so) will be counted as a full book, though if I have two of them back to back, I'll tend to count them as a single book.

Secondary goal is to update this list no less often than once a week. I managed that until the summer last year, but then that completely fell apart for a bit, before I got it back on track. It's really easy to lose track or get so far behind that one abandons the attempt. One trick is to update my "Reason for Editing" each time to show the last book(s) purchased and recorded. This helps me keep track even if it's been a few days since the last edit.

This year, a new tertiary goal -- to read at least 10 of the 12 books in the New Leaf Book Club and actively participate in the discussion.

# Bought | $   Spent | # Audible Credits
     323 | $  562.98 |   45
Finally, all the silly colours here actually mean something, at least to me. The colour code for those who care:
  • DarkGreen == Audible
  • Black == eBook
  • DarkOrange == Public Library
  • Purple == eARC
  • Brown == ReRead
  • Red == Public Domain
  • DarkRed == KindleUnlimited
  • Navy == New Leaf Book Club Selection
  • Gray Strikeout == Abandoned
  • Italics == Shorter work
  • Title,Series,Index,Author,Price,Rating,Other
  1. Fadeout,Dave Brandstetter,1,Joseph Hansen,$5.19,*****,NLBC Theme Discovery
  2. Death of an Expert Witness,Inspector Dalgliesh,6,P. D. James,$6.10,****,Also AudibleUK
  3. The Daughter of Dragons,Legacy of Dragons,1,Jack Campbell,$6.99,***,Audible
  4. Emergence,Foreigner,19,C.J. Cherryh,$12.99,*****,
  5. The Imam of Tawi-Tawi,Ava Lee,10,Ian Hamilton,$7.20,****,
  6. Neogenesis,Liaden Universe,21,Sharon Lee & Steve Miller,$6.10,*****,Audible
  7. The Blood of Dragons,Legacy of Dragons,2,[b]Jack Campbell,$4.99,***,Audible
  8. Passing,,Nella Larson,$1.20,*****,AudibleUK New Leaf Book Club Selection
  9. Block Party,Adventures in the Liaden Universe,27.5,,Sharon Lee & Steve Miller,$0.00,*****,
  10. Degrees of Separation,Adventures in the Liaden Universe,27,Sharon Lee & Steve Miller,$3.99,*****,
  11. The Price of Salt,,Patricia Highsmith,$0.99,****,New Leaf Book Club Nomination
  12. The Man of Property,The Forsyte Saga,1,Sir John Galsworthy,$0.99,****,Audible
  13. Death Claims,Dave Brandstetter,2,Joseph Hansen,$5.19,*****,NLBC Theme Discovery
  14. Enter the Saint,The Saint,3,Leslie Charteris,$1.30,***,Also Audible
  15. A Taste for Death,Inspector Dalgliesh,7,P. D. James,$6.10,****,Public Library Also AudibleUK
  16. WWW: Wake,WWW,1,Robert J. Sawyer,$0.00,****,Public Library
  17. Switchblade,Harry Bosch,22.5,Michael Connelly,$0.00,***,Public Library
  18. The Demon's Den and Other Tales of Valdemar,,,Tanya Huff,$0.00,****,Public Library
  19. Into the Fire,Vatta's Peace,2,Elizabeth Moon,$14.99,*****,Also Audible
  20. England, Their England,,,A.G. MacDonald,$0.00,**,Public Domain
  21. WWW: Watch,WWW,2,Robert J. Sawyer,$0.00,****,Public Library
  22. WWW: Wonder,WWW,3,Robert J. Sawyer,$0.00,***,Public Library
  23. To Sir With Love,,,E. R. Braithwaite,$5.59,*****,NLBC Theme Discovery
  24. Paid Servant,,,E. R. Braithwaite,$9.99,***,NLBC Theme Discovery
  25. Troublemaker,Dave Brandstetter,3,Joseph Hansen,$5.49,*****,NLBC Theme Discovery
  26. Black Griffon,Mage Wars,1,Mercedes Lackey,$1.17,****,
  27. White Griffon,Mage Wars,2,Mercedes Lackey,$1.17,****,
  28. Devices and Desires,Inspector Dalgliesh,8,P. D. James,$6.10,*****,AudibleUK
  29. Silver Griffon,Mage Wars,3,Mercedes Lackey,$1.17,****,
  30. The Old Man and the Sea,,,Ernest Hemingway,$0.00,*****,Public Domain New Leaf Book Club Selection
  31. Shattering the Ley,Erenthral,1,Joseph Palmatier,$2.99,***,
  32. Spots the Space Marine: Defense of the Fiddler,Spots the Space Marine,1,M.C.A. Hogarth,$2.27,***,
  33. Call to Arms,Manticore Ascendant,2,David Weber, et al,$2.57,****,Also Audible
  34. Call to Vengence,Manticore Ascendant,3,David Weber, et al,$7.39,****,Also Audible
  35. Happy Snak,,,Nicole Kimberling,$2.27,**,
  36. Flashman,Flashman Papers,1,George MacDonald Fraser,1 Audible Credit,**,Audible Abandoned
  37. Prisoner of Limnos,Penric,6,Lois McMaster Bujold,1 credit,*****,Audible ReRead
  38. Exile's Honor,Exiles of Valdemar,1,Mercedes Lackey,$2.83,****,
  39. Exile's Valor,Exiles of Valdemar,2,Mercedes Lackey,$2.83,****,
  40. Take a Thief,Exiles of Valdemar,3,Mercedes Lackey,$2.83,****,
  41. Suicide Run,Smuggler's Tales,2,Nathan Lowell,$0.00,*****,KindleUnlimited
  42. Oathbound,Valdemar:Vows & Honor,1,Mercedes Lackey,$2.83,***,
  43. Uncompromising Honor (eARC),Honor Harrington,15,David Weber,$15.00,***,eARC
  44. Oathbreakers,Valdemar:Vows & Honor,2,Mercedes Lackey,$2.83,****,
  45. Oathblood,Valdemar:Vows & Honor,3,Mercedes Lackey,$2.83,***,
  46. Making History,,,Stephen Fry,$4.15,**, New Leaf Book Club Selection
  47. Flat Broke with Two Goats,,,Jennifer McGaha,$0.00,****, Public Library
  48. Code of Conflict,Jani Kilian Chronicals,1,Kristine Smith,$0.99,****,
  49. Rules of Conflict,Jani Kilian Chronicals,2,Kristine Smith,$4.99,****,
  50. Law of Survival,Jani Kilian Chronicals,3,Kristine Smith,$4.99,***,
  51. Contact Imminent,Jani Kilian Chronicals,4,Kristine Smith,$4.99,***,
  52. Endgame,Jani Kilian Chronicals,5,Kristine Smith,$6.99,***,
  53. The Suspect,Karl Alberg,1,L.R. Wright,$7.71,*****,
  54. Sleep While I Sing,Karl Alberg,2,L.R. Wright,$7.79,***,
  55. Original Sin,Adam Dalgliesh,9,P.D. James,1 AudibleUK Credit,****,AudibleUK
  56. Mythos,,,Stephen Fry,$12.99,**,Abandoned
  57. Merchanter's Luck,The Company Wars,2,C.J. Cherryh,$4.50,****,
  58. The Silkworm,Cormoran Strike,2,Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling),8.99,***,Also Audible
  59. Apex,Hunter,3,Mercedes Lackey,8.99,****,Also Audible
  60. Powers That Be,Petaybee,1,Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Scarborough,2.99,***,Also Audible
  61. Powers Lines,Petaybee,2,Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Scarborough,4.99,***,
  62. A Taste for Death,Modesty Blaise,4,Peter O'Donnell,0.00,*****,Public Library
  63. Freedom's Landing,Catteni,1,Anne McCaffrey,2.99,****,
  64. Freedom's Choice,Catteni,2,Anne McCaffrey,4.99,****,
  65. The Flowers of Vashnoi,Vorkosigan Saga,14.1,Lois McMaster Bujold,$4.99,*****,
  66. Salt: A World History,,,Mark Kurlanski,$12.99,**,Abandoned
  67. Freedom's Challenge,Catteni,3,Anne McCaffrey,7.99,***,
  68. Forty Thousand in Gehenna,The Company Wars,4,C.J. Cherryh,$4.50,****,
  69. The Hills Have Spies,Valdemar:Family Spies,1,Mercedes Lackey,4.99,****,Also Audible
  70. With the Lightnings,RCN,1,David Drake,0.00,***,Also Audible
  71. Lt. Leary, Commanding,RCN,2,David Drake,0.00,****,Also Audible
  72. The Far Side of the Stars,RCN,3,David Drake,0.00,***,Also Audible
  73. The Three Musketeers,,,Alexandre Dumas,$0.00,*,New Leaf Book Club Selection Also AudibleUK
  74. Powers Lines,Petaybee,2,Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Scarborough,4.99,***,
  75. Night's Slow Poison,Imperial Radch,0.5,Ann Leckie,0.00,***,
  76. Power Play,Petaybee,3,Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Scarborough,7.99,***,
  77. The Impossible Virgin,Modesty Blaise,5,Peter O'Donnell,0.00,*****,Public Library
  78. Provenance,Imperial Radch,4,Ann Leckie,1 Audible Credit,****,Audible
  79. Privilege of Peace,Peacekeeper,3,Tanya Huff,1 Audible Credit,****,Audible
  80. A Taste for Vengence,Bruno Chief of Police,11,Martin Walker,1 Audible Credit,****,Audible
  81. The Way To Glory,RCN,4,David Drake,6.99,****,Also Audible
  82. Some Golden Harbor,RCN,5,David Drake,6.99,****,Also Audible
  83. When the Tide Rises,RCN,6,David Drake,6.99,****,Also Audible
  84. Dandelion Wine,,Ray Bradbury,$5.27,***,New Leaf Book Club Selection
  85. In the Stormy Red Sky,RCN,7,David Drake,6.99,****,Also Audible
  86. What Distant Deeps,RCN,8,David Drake,5.94,****,Also Audible
  87. The Road of Danger,RCN,9,David Drake,5.94,****,Also Audible
  88. The Sea Without a Shore,RCN,10,David Drake,6.39,****,Also Audible
  89. The Great Halifax Explosion,,John U. Bacon,$0.00,*****,New Leaf Book Club Selection
  90. The Secrets of Station X,,John U. Bacon,$0.00,*****,New Leaf Book Club Nomination Public Library
  91. Home Run,Smuggler's Tales,3,Nathan Lowell,$4.99,****,
  92. To Fire Called,Seeker's Tales,2,Nathan Lowell,$4.99,****,
  93. To Die But Once,Maise Dobbs,14,Jacqueline Winspear,0.00,****,Audible Public Library
  94. Crucible,Valdemar Collection,,Mercedes Lackey,$0.00,***,Public Library
  95. Owlflight,Valdemar Owl Trilogy,1,Mercedes Lackey,$0.00,***,AudibleUK
  96. Between Silk and Cyanide,,,Leo Marks,5.00,*****,NLBC Theme Discovery
  97. The Couturier of Milan,Ava Lee,9,Ian Hamilton,1 Audible Credit,*****,Audible ReRead
  98. The Imam of Tawi-Tawi,Ava Lee,10,Ian Hamilton,1 Audible Credit,****,Audible
  99. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay,,Cornelia Otis Skinner & Emily Kimbrough,0.00,****,Public Library
  100. The Fifth Season,The Broken Earth,1,N.K. Jemisin,$9.99,****,Also Audible
  101. Death's Bright Day,RCN,11,David Drake,9.99,****,Audible
  102. Skeen's Leap,Skeen,1,Jo Clayton,1.99,****,
  103. Never Let Me Go,,,Kazuo Ishiguro,0.00,**,New Leaf Book Club Selection Public Library
  104. Island of the Mad,Mary Russell,15,Laurie R. King,1 Audible Credit,****,Audible
  105. Sheepfarmer's Daughter,Paksenarrion,1,Elizabeth Moon,6.99,*****,Also Audible ReRead
  106. Divided Allegience,Paksenarrion,2,Elizabeth Moon$5.38,***,Also Audible ReRead
  107. Oath of Gold,Paksenarrion,3,Elizabeth Moon$5.38,****,Also Audible ReRead
  108. In Pieces,,,Sally Field,$0.00,****,Audible
  109. The House on the Strand,,,Daphne du Maurier,$0.00,**,Book Club Abandoned
  110. Skeen's Return,Skeen,2,Jo Clayton,5.99,****,
  111. Balance of Trade,Liaden Universe,3,Sharon Lee & Steve Miller,$5.00,*****,Audible ReRead
  112. Trade Secret,Liaden Universe,4,Sharon Lee & Steve Miller,$6.99,*****,Audible ReRead
  113. The Princeling of Nanjing,Ava Lee,8,Ian Hamilton,1 Audible Credit,*****,Audible ReRead
  114. Skeen's Search,Skeen,3,Jo Clayton,$5.99,****,
  115. Uncompromising Honor,Honor Harrington,15,David Weber,$7.39,***,Also Audible ReRead
  116. Foundation,Valdemar:Collegium,1,Mercedes Lackey,$7.99,****,Audible ReRead
  117. Intrigues,Valdemar:Collegium,2,Mercedes Lackey,$7.99,****,Audible ReRead
  118. Changes,Valdemar:Collegium,3,Mercedes Lackey,$7.99,****,Audible ReRead
  119. The Dragon Head of Hong Kong,Ava Lee,0.5,Ian Hamilton,$2.76,*****, ReRead
  120. The Water Rat of Wanchai,Ava Lee,1,Ian Hamilton,$2.76,****,ReRead New Leaf BookClub Nomination
  121. The Disciple of Las Vegas,Ava Lee,2,Ian Hamilton,$2.68,*****,Also Audible ReRead
  122. The Wild Beasts of Wuhan,Ava Lee,3,Ian Hamilton,$8.89,*****,Also Audible ReRead
  123. The Red Pole of Macau,Ava Lee,4,Ian Hamilton,$0.00,*****,Public Library ReRead
  124. The Scottish Banker of Surabaya,Ava Lee,5,Ian Hamilton,$0.00,*****,Public Library ReRead
  125. The Two Sisters of Borneo,Ava Lee,6,Ian Hamilton,$5.74,*****,ReRead
  126. The King of Shanghai,Ava Lee,7,Ian Hamilton,$7.17,*****,ReRead
  127. Redoubt,Valdemar:Collegium,4,Mercedes Lackey,$12.99,***,Audible ReRead
  128. Lies Sleeping,Rivers of London,7,Ben Aaronovitch,$12.99,*****,Also Audible
  129. Alias Grace,,,Margaret Atwood,$0.00,**,Book Club Abandoned
  130. Bastion,Valdemar:Collegium,5,Mercedes Lackey,$7.9,***,Audible ReRead
  131. Dog on it,Chet & Bernie,1,Spencer Quin,$0.00,*****,New Leaf Book Club Nomination
  132. The Goddess of Yantai,Ava Lee,11,Ian Hamilton,$9.99,*****,
  133. Foreigner,Foreigner,1,C.J. Cherryh,7.99,*****,Also Audible ReRead

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