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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
I am having a strange problem that has occurred only since installing Sunrise XP and Plucker so I am assuming one of those is the problem: when using my computer (running windows xp and using exlorer 8), not my Palm device, links inside of one of the websites that I download to my Palm contain unreadable gibberish such as "XioH>.0 ω$@Wlelc+d-%d3M+_uڍm`[Q]Av~ go,qn?&CUOa>k*z}<z?ԡ wxև:Ϯ7T*֩f:Og]ϊNf1?." This does not happen with another computer in my office not loaded with Sunrise/Plucker so problem is not with the website." The main page of the website is fine and not all links within the website are unreadable (just the ones I want to read). Also, these same pages are perfectly readable when downloaded to my Palm. Any ideas on the problem?
Finally I fixed problem and it had nothing to do with Sunrise XP. Big oops.
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