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Still stuck on clickability for print view

Originally Posted by goducks
I've been trying to figure this out for a week to no avail so if anyone can help, I'd be really grateful. There are several writers on Sports Illustrated online you can get RSS feeds for, but spreads the articles out over 3 or 4 pages, so I'd like to nab just the printer-friendly version, but I can't seem to configure Sunrise XP to do it correctly.

For example, Dr Z's feed is at
All of the articles off it start with*

and on the first page of each is a link to a single-page printer friendly version that begins*

How in the world do I get Sunrise to get that version?
Has anyone been able solve this one yet? I'm trying to get the Austin American Statesman ( and it seems to have the same clickability type of redirection.

I've been able to figure out everything except how to get the urlID (eg. &urlID=20433337) which is probably embedded somewhere in the original source page.

Alternatively, if the clickability issue cannot be solved, how can I move all of the banner stuff from the top of the page, before the article, to the bottom? When reading in Plucker on the palm, I have to scroll down several pages of links to other pages before I can actually read the article.

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