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Link filtering

I've just switched to Plucker from Avantgo, and have been trying to set up some channels, and just found Sunrise! (mobileread is an awesome website, btw...can't believe I never stumbled on it before).

I've already gone through Plucker Desktop and tried my hand at sitescooper today, and have ended up on Sunrise XP. I'm trying to make a nicer Wired News channel by using the rss feed and then using the Link Filtering option to change the article links to the printer friendly ones. Is there a way to do this? I figured out the regexp to identify the article links, but it seems that the rewrite link has to be specific, and I don't know that since the article links will always change.

article links end in /0,#####-0.html?xxx...
printer links end in /1,#####-0.html (same # sequence)

Can you save that number sequence and stick it back in the rewrite link?

Hope this makes sense; I don't have much programming experience and am just figuring out this regexp thing on the fly.

EDIT: grr...such a noob...should have looked around more first. Just found this: link filtering. I think I should be able to figure it out from there...

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