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Looping jpegs in epub ID 5.5


I am working on a children's picture-book consisting of 17 jpegs - no text. I used the current trial version of ID to create the epub which validates perfectly at threepress and displays correctly on Adobe Digital Editions. The problem is that when I view it on my NookColor the pages don't work properly when trying to back-up in the story. Often a single page will repeat - kind of like a stuck record - and when you get to the last page you can't back-up unless you go through the Content navigation on the Nook to get to a specific page. It almost seems like it's stuck in a loop...

If the problem is not my Nook - which has 95% free space and has not exhibited this behavior with any other epub so far - is there any part of the code I should be looking at to find this sort of problem?

Someone on Adobe's InDesign forum directed me to this site. He thought the issue might be in the .css.

Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated.

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