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Originally Posted by delphin View Post
I am curious which version that you download and are using?
I downloaded and am using the Bible derived from the very first post Sherman made.

I tried the same search query you tried... it locked up my 350 also. I would speculate that a multi-word search such as "for god so loved" is exhaustive and wonder if it would finish if given enough time.

See, I searched that term while on the very same page and it did find it. However if I repeat the search at the beginning of the Bible, with over 1200 pages of searching for a low power device with limited CPU resources searching for a multi-word query... it is likely a search destined to fail. And as someone who writes firmware and designs circuits, without a debugger there is no telling if the device is really "working", caught up in a loop, or is suffering from overflow/stack errors when executing such a search.

So in my very light opinion, I think such a search may be beyond the capabilities of the Sony Reader itself, and not necessarily the .epub file.

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