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Help unbricking PW1

I was pretty excited to have fixed my PW2 recently with help from posts in these forums and I really enjoyed the soldering challenge and getting into the kindle's serial console. So much so I bought a 'broken' PW1 to play with.

It is an EY21 model.

The symptoms are:
- screen looks fine, just a standard amazon screensaver on it

- no response from power button

- plug in power to wall, I get an orange light so I left it on the wall charger overnight, has made no difference.

- plug into PC via USB, I got "installing NS Blank Codex" one time, subsequent USB connections don't show this. I plugged it into a different PC and also got a one time message of "installing NS Blank Codex".

- Connected up a serial port, plug into wall charger (orange light), press power button and I get the following in the serial console:

 U-Boot 2009.08-lab126 (Jan 08 2013 - 21:47:48)

CPU:   Freescale i.MX50 family 1.1V at 800 MHz
mx50 pll1: 800MHz
mx50 pll2: 400MHz
mx50 pll3: 216MHz
ipg clock     : 66666666Hz
ipg per clock : 66666666Hz
uart clock    : 24000000Hz
ahb clock     : 133333333Hz
axi_a clock   : 400000000Hz
axi_b clock   : 200000000Hz
weim_clock    : 100000000Hz
ddr clock     : 800000000Hz
esdhc1 clock  : 80000000Hz
esdhc2 clock  : 80000000Hz
esdhc3 clock  : 80000000Hz
esdhc4 clock  : 80000000Hz
Board: Unknown
Boot Reason: [POR]
Boot Device: MMC
Board Id:
Invalid board id!  Can't determine system type for RAM init.. bailing!
DRAM:   0 kB
Using default environment
I don't know the history of the device, it doesn't look like it's had a serial port on it before but it does look like some scratches and fingerprints on the metal parts under the case.

Any ideas what I could do next? I'm happy to read up and experiment, that's why I bought it so I can learn just not sure what my step should be....?

P.S. I mostly work on windows but i do have a raspberry pi as well if I need to do stuff under linux.

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