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Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
The EZ Reader Pocket Pro (Hanlin V5) is a good choice for Adobe lending library ebooks. It is a bit more expensive than the PRS-300, but has more capabilities and in particular has three ways to turn pages (left center keys, bottom right keys, and right top scroll wheel). It is also currently on sale, see Mother's Day Blowout on all EZ Readers.
Thank you wallcraft for answering!

Does it show how many days are left like the sony's and/or does it show expire date in some info page?

How many zoom-levels/fonts-sizes can be used for borrowed epub's?

Do you use both left-hand and right-hand reading?

I was using a Hanlin v3 for a little while but it was really slow, what about the speed to turn pages?

Is epub the major format? that has the most features and most stable ones also?
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