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Originally Posted by ilovejedd View Post
For what it's worth, Marvin 3 syncing has been working OK for me across multiple devices running iOS 14.8.1, 15.1 and 15.2 Beta.

Maybe Marvin's iCloud data on your account is corrupted? You can delete it by going to Settings - <Your Apple ID> - iCloud - Manage Storage.

Also, it might be worth installing Marvin SxS to see if sync works with that. Alas, it's $4-5, I think.
Thanks for the suggestion. I did try erasing that data as part of my earlier debugging. Marvin still failed with the same error. Sigh.

It's very odd that syncing is working for you and fails on all of my devices. I have a slow network connection but it's not <i>that</i> slow and Marvin 3 sync was rock solid until I moved everything to iOS 15.

I will give Marvin SxS a try this weekend. I've been using Apple Books as a fallback and it's... annoying.
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