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Calibre E-book Viewer autoscroll?

I'm currentlly using Calibre 0.8.58 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS and although I realize there are a host of ebook viewers and readers providing an autoscrolling feature, I find the built in viewer from Calibre quite acceptable for reading on the desktop. Certain files (e.g., MOBI) open in this viewer. In a Linux Calibre install, does autoscroll exist for the built in E-book Viewer? I have searched this topic generically on the web, and in this forum, and although the topic has been raised, I did not find the answer. Possibly it is an easy preference setting but if so I have failed miserably. I did find ticket #5247, from over 2 years ago, specifically addressing this issue, but it does not appear to ever have been closed? Other files (e.g., pdf) open in the default Linux Document Viewer (Evince), which does provide autoscroll (right click, tool bar customization, etc.), but this does not provide a solution for those files opening in the Calibre E-book Viewer instead.

My apologies for raising a question about a feature that might exist or solved in a thread I did not find. Could someone please enlighten me? Thanks!
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