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Hello DaltonST,

please see search settings. Thank you.
Edit: The Original_name column has search name defined as #original_title, just for sure to differentiate.

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Originally Posted by DaltonST View Post

Since you did not attach a screen-snip of your MCS parameter dialog, I can only guess that your problem is caused by not using "#original_name" for (what I presume to be) the custom column that has a descriptive label of "Original_name".

Page 1 of the User Guide has a picture of how to search Custom Columns. Note they all have a # in the front. "Original_name" is not the "Search/Lookup Name" that you see when you hover your mouse over a Calibre GUI Column.

Page 2 of the User Guide shows the valid "Search/Lookup Name" for Standard Columns, and of course a leading "#" for Custom Columns.

The MCS Cross-Library results example shown on Page 3 of the User Guide shows the Custom Column # name.


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