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Originally Posted by l_macd View Post
You'll need to reconsider your expectations of e-ink technology. It's simply not comparable to the speed of an LCD tablet, smartphone etc. The T3 is one of the most recent releases, same as the Kobo Aura and Kindle Paperwhite (except without the frontlight), no e-ink ereader will feel any faster, if anything, just slower.
When I first bought an eink ereader back in 2008 nobody had one over here. I was asked a lot of times what kind of use you could give it besides reading (surfing the web, playing games). Eink is JUST for reading books and it's the best way there is for reading books digitally. I may add that reflowable content like novels is the best format. They are designed exclusively for reading purposes, and they really excel at it. I own an iPad 3 and although having a retina display and being quite powerful I'd never read on it for an extended period of time. It strains my sight. The smaller screen size is actually a big plus. I even love reading on my girlfriend's 5" ereader, although I think 6" is just the golden measure.

I've rooted my father's Sony T1 the other day because he wanted the Coolreader app and it's terribly slow for pretty much everything besides reading. That's the whole point: a slow processor that consumes very little energy and a very low rate refresh of the screen for superior reading quality. You have one month worth of battery usage with just those two specs. It may seem silly, and you could say "just charge the thing daily". Well, I don't want to do that. I like not having to remember to plug the thing for one month. I just pick it up and read.

No eink ereader is going to be as fast as an iPad, ever (and they don't need to).


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