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Originally Posted by GRiker View Post
I spent some time looking at this (for the Kindle) when first implementing the catalog code, and was unable to find a way to jump from one book (the catalog) to another (the book you want to read). I've also tried and failed on the iPad.

I'll be willing to entertain an enhancement request to add the necessary code to the catalog generation code if someone comes up with the necessary href structure.

Thanks GRiker and thanks for the great work you are doing with the catalogue.

Here is what I am trying to get at: It took me a (little) while to get used to the Calibre approach of tags and genres iso the age old directory hierachy, but once I got used to it I just loved it.

Obviously, like the rest of the world, I am not impressed with the Kindle implementation of their "Collections" (although better than nothing I guess). Your catalogue, with clickable links to the books would open up a whole new world of navigating the Kindle.

If it is physically not possible, then ofcourse it is a no go, but maybe there is work around by converting an ebooks tags to Kindle Collections. I read somewhere that these Collections are stored in a file somewhere on the Kindle, but that Calibre is unlikely to go that route because Kovid is not very interested. Maybe you can do it through the Catalog.

In the end all we would need is to manage the tags/genres through Calibre and have them automatically transferred to the Kindle either through your catalogue or by creating Kindle collections.

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