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Pictures of the stylus i use and a short movie of the stylus in action, unfocused though, still ok.

Quote from the forum post from
"Just a brief history: Gateway once offered their first Tablet PC, the M275, with a Wacom Penabled digitizer. After that, Gateway switched to the FinePoint Innovations digitizer ever since 2005."

The comments seems odd with Wacoms own statements:
Gateway's E-155C notebook is the first OEM mobile device to use Wacom's PenabledŽ G5 digitizer technology.
Here we introduce some of the products of other manufacturers that incorporate Wacom Penabled Technology.
Integrated Products (as of March 2009)
E-155C C-140

The Wacom's comments on the penabled for Irex:

Recent auctions on ebay for Gateway's E-155C pens, there you go:
BRAND NEW Gateway Wacom Executive Stylus Pen for E-155 E-155C

#######Gateway Penabled Tablets#######
pages: 140-143
The tablet responds to most Penabled™ EMR pens manufactured by
p. 31

So Gateway's C120; C120X; E155; E155C; E-295C/C-140X/XL; C-141X/XL; C-142XL; C-143X/XL; C200X; C210X; CX2755; CX2756; E-295c; S-7235r models seems (make sure you confirm it yourself before buying) compatible and using the Wacom's Penabled EMR.

Whereas the Gateway's CX200S or CX200X do not use Wacom Penabled EMR.
Hope this helps.
Wacom's Penabled are batteryless

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