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Hi all -
A couple things I thought I'd throw out here:
- On Kindle for Android: I downloaded and tested it last week, only to find that it ONLY allows for Amazon purchase/download/read. if you have a collection of PRC, MOBI, PDB or whatever, you CAN NOT import your books into this reader no matter what the format. HUGE BUMMER. I was very interested in this app because of the issue I bring up next.
- One (other) issue that is of some importance to me (I spent almost 5 years on several WinMo devices reading with MobiPocket) is simple text formatting - boldface and italics specifically. The fact is, NONE of the Android readers are capable of displaying anything other then basic text unless you go into the faux-browser mode that doesn't do paging or anything else properly. I've tried FBreader and iReader, AEPreader, you name it and I've tried it. None of them render bold or italics. I may have been spoiled by Mobi, and I curse the day Amazon bought them and halted all new platform development to push everyone into Kindles, but I very much miss the days of simply converting an ebook on the desktop and having it display as expected on the phone. Hopefully soon someone will get this 'feature.'
iReader is my choice after spending a lot of time with fbReader prior to switching again. I say this given its handling of PRC, PDB and even upcoming ePub. I also like the ability to utilize the volume toggle as page up/down. It's a great interface, my favorite honestly - the developer hasn't made an update in some time, but I keep hoping!
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