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Originally Posted by cactustak View Post
Hi Taming.

I just wanted to double-check that you've actually used the Apple IPAD USB Power Adapter with your Kobo Vox and you've successfully charged it (recognizing that the Vox won't report charging status except under battery properties, etc. etc.).

Reason I'm asking is that I've tried 3 different wall chargers that are supposed to be 2.1a, and none of them charge the Kobo Vox at all. I've powered off the Vox and left it plugged in for ~12 hours, and nothing.

I've tried an iGo, a Belkin and the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet wall chargers.

In fact, based on trying to charge my Android phone, the iGo and Belkin chargers putting out less than 500mA (battery status on my phone lists as charging via USB instead of charging via AC).

So, needless to say, before I go out and buy *another* wall charger, I'd like to be sure that someone has actually successfully charged their Vox, and it's not just an assertion that "it's 2.1A, so it'll work" (which is how I ended up purchasing the iGo and Belkin in the first place).

Thanks very much in advance,

I'm using a generic 2.1a charger as well and while the batter indicator doesn't show any charging happening and the battery indicator says discharging, I've used my vox all day to listen to music without the battery level moving. My guess is that the battery is charging fine but the OS doesn't reflect that.

I had an idea but I don't have my official vox charger with me at work to try it. My guess is that since these non-official chargers don't have the data pin contact like the official charger, the Android OS doesn't know its charging.

Try charging the vox on the non-official charger for a while with the power off. Then unplug and turn it on. Insert the official charger until the unit "sees" it charging, then unplug. Does the battery now reflect a full charge?

Does the vox just need the official charger to tell it that it is charged?
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