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Originally Posted by BetterRed View Post
@trungng2006 - firstly most plugins are initially developed by people who need them.

Secondly have you looked at the possibility of using the recently developed Action Chains plugin as a possible means of combining the Annotations and Power Search plugins.

I have read the action chains plugin thread, i did not see how to return the location url. But let me install it and try.

Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
Have you actually looked at the Annotations plugin? It does get both the highlighted text and the annotation made. And it puts this into a column in calibre. That means you can search that using calibre's built in search.

The real problem is that not all devices or apps store the annotations in a way that can be read. Mostly it is because the annotations are stored somewhere that cannot be accessed when the device is connected. Or they don't have an export function. The next reason is that someone needs to write the code. Which basically needs access to an appropriate device or app.

Actually, the real problem is that no-one has implemented the only standard that I know of for annotations. The only one I know of is part of the ePub 3 standards. I have never heard of this being implemented anywhere. And of course it doesn't apply for apps or devices that do no support ePub 3.
I did install, but so far unsuccessful to in fetching the highlighs from my kindle.

I understand the part about different annotation styles and accessability. Would it also be possible that the annotation plugins have a template for users to paste in their highlights? By providing a template for user to paste in their annotation, its provide the user with an alternatives to import their highlights in my opinion.

Furthermore, rrom what i read (in the annotation plugin thread and the website), I think the current functionality of annotation plugin is great. But what i was looking for is to further integrate the annotation with calibre book by linking the annotated text with the calibre highlights/annotation
So when i export the annotation from calibre annotation browswer, i can have book ID, start CFI, and spine index to create the highlight URI that i can access from another program

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