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Moon+ Reader help

Hi guys,

I have a question about Moon Reader pro.

Some ebooks (epub) display OK but most of them display a horizontal line between pages. The pages are formatted OK, I think and some ebooks are retail and when viewing with Calibre or any other reader for that matter, the pages are displayed individually with the horizontal line. Only Moon Reader messes up.

I experimented everything I could think of in the settings but it still does it. Is this a formatting issue or hidden settings within Moon Reader? I use Sigil to make corrections and it displays OK.

Any suggestions?


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Well, it seems that nobody had a similar problem.

After further investigations and a couple of sleepless nights, I found what the problem was: At the stage, Moon+ Reader pro (tried both versions, 2 and 3) does not like hidden bookmarks created probably by Calibre.

The only way I found to detect and remove them from the epub files was using Jutoh V 2.36. In there you can do a Book Cleanup and remove those little buggers. You can also do some editing and voilá! Moon Reader is happy and no more dividers appearing on display.

By the way, the plugin to modify the epub for Calibre does not fix this problem. Just in case...

Hope this will help whoever has the same problem.


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