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HELP with Kindle "Adding Books" Expression

PROBLEM: I get caught with adding books that have a book title with an extra dash between words with no space in the title, such as:
John Doe - [Hellbent 05] - Get-Smart

Calibre does not separate the author, series and book name in this example because of the dash in the book title (Get-Smart). How can I fix the expression so it works correctly? I know Calibre uses the dash as the separator but the second dash as part of the title throws everything off.

Title: Get-Smart Robert
Author: John Doe
Series: Hellbent
Series Index: 05

Present expression for "Adding Books" in Calibre is as follows:
^((?P<author>([^\-_0-9]+)(?=\s*-\s*)(?!\s*-\s*[0-9.]+)|\b))(\s*-\s*)?(\[?(?P<series>[^0-9\-]+) (- )?(?P<series_index>[0-9.]+)\]?\s*-\s*)?(?P<title>[a-zA-Z1-9' ,:&]+)(\(.*\))?$

Any help would be appreciated. I got most of this expression from this forum and just added a few characters to it so I can add books with &: ' and , in the title.

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