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Kindle gets cracked

I'm sure many of you have seen this spoof Kindle ad already, but even though I'm a Sony ebook reader reader, I found myself feeling a bit defensive...

I am indeed guilty of having too many ebooks on me at all times, but I think it's comparable to my other irrational habit (that no doubt many people who scoff at ebook excesses have as well): bringing most of my CD collection (80GB) with me wherever I go. I certainly don't NEED all those tunes (and the Bible/Richard Dawkins swipe is a literary analog to my own Bill Monroe/Dead Prez MP3's).

I'd love to hear some reactions to the film from ebook readers and MP3 junkies like me. They make some points, but I think the target they chose is an easy one for snarky web freaks with an aversion to lengthy texts.

I'm willing to concede that my media consumption is decadent, but I think it's healthier than meth, am I right?

Off to read Don Quixote. BRB

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