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Originally Posted by Mike L View Post
This may be a stupid question, but why do you need to convert it with Calibre? You say you purchased the title form Amazon, and you are trying to open it on your Kindle. Why can't you just open the actual copy that you purchased?

If that doesn't work, it suggests that you are trying to open it on a different device than the one you specified at the time of downloading. I would suggest you at least eliminate that as a possibility before going any deeper.

Maybe you would like to re-read what I typed. I, at no point, mentioned that the book I'm having this problem with was purchased from Amazon. Yes it is a stupid question.

Problem has been fixed. I just removed the supposed corrupted copy from my device, reconverted, and re-uploaded. I'm guessing the conversion was corrupted somewhere in between.

Originally Posted by Blossom View Post
Can you view the book in Calibre? If so then it could be a number of things from a corrupted source to a missing font. I would use the mobi-unpack plugin to examine the innards of the book. You can always reimport the html from it and convert from that instead.
I can view the book in Calibre so I was really confused as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the fonts are not supported since the document I'm having trouble with wasn't created with the intention to be put on an e-reader. Nonetheless, I fixed it by reconverting it. So all's good!

Could you teach me more about reimporting the html from a document and convert from that instead? I believe that would produce a more "clean" conversion without any of those special fonts corrupting the conversion.
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