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A solution to sync books/annotations between CC and Calibre

I am using android tablet to read books, usually PDFs. I usually read from PC when I am at home and from tablet when I am out.

I am looking a solution to sync books/annotations between CC and Calibre.

Here are steps how I sync them.

1. open PC, start wireless device connection from Calibre

2. open tablet, connect as wireless device from CC. Now PC and tablet are connected.

3. push books from Calibre to CC. That is cool. books will be sent to tablet as a queue

4. go out. read books, make annotations, life is happy.....

5. back home. reconnect Calibre and CC as wireless devices

6. Open Calibre, find the new annotated books one by one. Upload them in device view.

7. In Calibre, edit these books one by one and replace with the new updated one.

The last steps are painful and time consuming. It is not convenient to sync books as well as annotations from cc back to calibre.

I would be really appreciate if there are any better solutions. Thanks!
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