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Hey ! Thanks for your reply :-)

I've had MS's little doggy search all over my computer, no conduit.dll anywhere. Sunrise's install tries/pretends to extract a "conduit.dll" but then gives an error "could not register conduit". In Sunrise's dir, I've got ann.dll and condmgr.dll, no other dlls.

I'm guessing the issue is just that the filename is wrong: condmgr instead of conduit ? If that's the case, how can I try to manually register condmgr as a conduit in Hotsynch ? I've tried simply renaming condmgr.dll into conduit.dll, and putting in \palm and \windows (\windows is in my %path%), no luck. There must be something specific to do to register the conduit in Hotsync ?

Another possibility would be conduit.dll missing from the Sunrise's 2.03b install package ?
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