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Metadata Quality Plugin idea

Hi readers

The most annoying thing if you import a folder of books is to quality check the metadata. So my idea would be:
First step: check the author name against Amazon/wiki/bol whatever.
If the author name is valid mark it as valid in a user defined field.
Second step: check the titles of the marked authors against Amazon/wiki/bol whatever.
If the title is valid as well mark the book as valid in the user defined field.
Third step: move the valid Books from the import database to a valid database.( That's the way i do it manually. At the valid database i do all the other quality checks like case and so on. If i'm happy with the result I move everything to my 100% database)
From my experience 80% of the books are valid and to handle the leftovers would be much easier and quicker.

What do you think?


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