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Calibre great on computer, but on ereader..?

Calibre is great when used on the computer, but how do I get some of the advantages on my e-book reader? [PRS 600]. I'm particularly thinking of the navigation using my mouse; for example in the past few days I have been downloading morning newspapers. On the computer I can select the newspaper, and using the excellent view tool can quickly go to a subsection and then an article. [In today's Independent I can go to 'life and style' and then to the article 'Mumsnet challenges M&S....'. I don't expect to be able to replicate the same slickness on the eReader because it doesn't have a mouse, but any hints and tips as to how to best do this navigation would be very helpful.

Many features on calibre are really excellent, and I have particularly enjoyed using the fetch news download features, the search features, and the sort features on the computer. It's certainly one of the best free software downloads I've ever used.

My thanks to dwanthny for his help in finding the new post button.
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