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Originally Posted by Turtle91 View Post
According to the article you linked there is a second part to the solution. The first part is to wrap the image in a scaled <div> as you have done. The second part is to add a 'width="100%" ' to the <img>. I didn't see that in your code ...
It's not in the code I posted, but it's in my book. That didn't change a thing.

Originally Posted by Turtle91 View Post
Hey, I wonder, if everyone STOPPED accommodating the buggies in iBooks with all these workarounds, do you think Apple would get off their A$$le and FIX it?? Sort of like a union strike?? "ePubbers United"!!!
I'm very tempted to not bother bending over backwards just to please the iBooks audience. I'd rather have an eBook which conforms closer to the standards... So yes, I am with you on the strike
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