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Kobo Store: Weird suggestions

I got an email from Kobo today with some interesting suggestions for my "next instant escape": HOUSE HAS GHOST 1998 and Threat Eliminating Device 1986.
A ghost story book, written by Erica Sanchez Perez. Straying ghosts, taking care of the evil one, going into the pear family members's home, grandma of the pear family members, the pear family has a ghost, the trick of the spiritual place, devil, jealousy, everybody is crazy, struggle, doubts, exchange, gentleman, animosity.
Viper in danger, rats like pizza, unusual death, satanic forces enter familiar houses, the deathly hallows, wisteria blood, wisteria's infant, the witch in bed, desire for yin and yang, delighted desires, happiest moment, one nian city satanic force, the behavior counselor, coffins for lovers, myla's undergarments, the dream of all of us, adversary's backpack, she is so attractive, i wish for a lifetime, with her Tieu Dao throughout the river lake.
Threat Eliminating Device 1986

I can't tell if these are badly translated actual books or random selections of phrases collected in book form by a bot farm. I'm used to ignoring a lot of Kobo's selected titles when they have sales but these ones seemed weird for them to prominently feature in a marketing email.
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