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Originally Posted by kansaskyle View Post
I tried out Kepubify this afternoon because I'm reading a book with diagrams, and I wanted to be able to zoom in on them. It was really fast and easy to use! Thanks for providing the resource.

After you convert a book to kepbub, how do you merge that format into Calibre? If I add the book, Calibre thinks there are two entries for the same book.
Cool , thanks for the post ! I just started converting epubs to kepub like a month ago so I was unaware you can zoom in on images. That makes reading certain math books bareable on my kobo aura edition 2. I was going to wait until my KA1 arrived to read certain books with the 7.8 screen. Zooming is a good feature but sometimes it is better to see it in context with surrounding text so my KA1 will likely still be better for this, though.

Also, not to go too far off topic but KA1 is decent, but not ideal, at reading single column pdf files with Koreader and in landscape mode using the crop function unlike 6 inch readers and without the ridiculous price tag of eReaders with larger than 7.8 inch screens.

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