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Device: Pocketbook Pro 902
PB902 - wait till battery is empty before charging it?

Today my Pocketbook Pro 902 arrived.

The quick start guide inside the box has the following:

step 1: power on the device

but I noticed that it was already on (or maybe I inadvertently switched it on while taking it out of its cover) and that the language selection screen of the setup wizard was shown. I have completed the setup wizard and then switched the device off.

I remembered reading somewhere that the first charge takes approx.8-12 hours.

Do I need to charge it now before exploring it any further?
Or would it be better to first use the device until the battery is almost empty and then charge it for 8-12 hours?

On th eforums I have found posts suggesting there is no such thing as a memory effect and other posts suggesting you should charge a device for a very long time before first using it.

On the home screen the battery status showed 3 bars filled (of 4?)
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