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Best large E Ink reader

I have a iRex DR800 that is slowly dying on me. I'd like to replace it with something similar.

Essential features:
* E Ink - I'm not interested in TFT/LCD/OLED etc readers; E Ink only
* Large size - 8-inches diagonally at absolute minimum, but nothing insane. A4 is about as large as I want to go.
* Good PDF support - This is for reading screenplays and they only come as PDFs.

Not required:
* I'm not interested in WiFi or 3G; I'll take them if that's all that's available but I'm not fussed about it.
* Annotation features - this is purely for reading
* Extraneous features like MP3 playing etc.

Not wanted:
* Anything tied into "stores" - no Kindles for example.

I can wait a few months if there's anything good coming out soon; but it has to be something that *is actually coming out*. The eReader market seems ripe with vapourware that never actually appears.


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