Thread: Troubleshooting Bricked Kindle Voyage?
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Bricked Kindle Voyage?

Hello all,

Through doing some research I stumbled on this forum while looking for ways to figure out what's wrong with my Kindle Voyage. Amazon was kind enough to help by telling me to hold the power button 10 or 40 seconds and when that didn't work, they offered 15% towards a new one. I went ahead and bought an Oasis, but I'm pretty sure my Voyage is fixable. Here's the symptoms.

- Froze up. Rebooting just gets me to the tree screen.
- Charging seems to be working; light turns yellow, then green when charged.
- Holding down power for 10 seconds causes the screen to flash black/white then go back to the tree screen which means the display isn't broken or stuck.
- The Kindle no longer is recognized as a USB device, although it does seem to charge from the USB port.
- I've tried letting it charge/discharge with no change in results.
- I have stock everything; no modified firmware or boot loader.

The Voyage seems to be the forgotten one of the bunch; most of the guides I see are around Paperwhite and such. From what I can gather on these forums, the Voyage is a suped-up Paperwhite.

I've seen suggestions from USB loaders to soldering on the board to USB<->RS-232 connectors. Does anyone know what works on the Voyage? Is there an up-to-date method for attempting to fix this?

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